When you attend you’ll find…

• A Sabbath-Keeping, Bible-Believing, Spirit-Led, Family-Focused group of fellow believers in Jesus Christ
• Contemporary Praise & Worship
• Powerful Ministry of the Word, messages relevant to your life
• Dynamic Praise Dance Ministries for all ages
• A great place to relax, fellowship, and deepen your relationship with God.

Our Vision

The objective of The Church of God is to bring about a complete restoration of the church of the Bible with every doctrine and practice fully implemented and with every gift and office fully operational. This is the prophetic work that is to be accomplished when the spiritual tabernacle of David is restored among the Gentiles in the last days in preparation for the second coming of Jesus (Amos 9:11, Acts 15:15-17)

Our Mission

Calling sinners to repentance and Christians to action.

The Church of God is committed to global evangelism through personal witnessing, beginning in every member’s neighborhood. We are also called to awaken Christians throughout the world and to call them to action and service for God.

Holding forth the Word of Life.

“No Lawbook but the Bible” has been our motto for over thirty years. The church is commissioned to shine the light of the word of life in the midst of a world of darkness and to establish God’s people in the sound doctrine, present truth, and divine revelation of His Word.

Urging believers to be equipped for ministry.

Every believer in Christ is called to a ministry, a work of service in the kingdom of God. The five-gifted ministry of the church is commissioned to equip believers for ministry and service so that the body of Christ may be built up.

Restoring authentic New Testament Christianity.

Every aspect of the life and mission of the New Testament church is just as vital to the church today as it was in the first century. We remain committed, therefore, to a full restoration of authentic New Testament Christianity.

Claiming the Judaic heritage of the Christian Church.

The faith that Jesus authored has a firm Judaic heritage. Since Jesus did not destroy that heritage, we are certain that the praise, worship, and service of the church today must reflect the same heritage of Judaeo-Christianity that the early church taught.

Heralding the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The ultimate purpose of the church today is to prepare for the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We have a strong commitment to proclaiming the fact that Jesus Christ will return from heaven to establish His millennial kingdom upon earth.